Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Galaxy S3 Mini Confirmed by Samsung Chief

All the guesses and rumors about Galaxy S3 mini turns out to be true. Translated from Korean news site iNews24, Samsung's head of communications JK Shin is quoted as saying "there is a demand for 4-inch Galaxy SIII in the European market". This puts an end to all the speculations. According to Shin, the new addition to Samsung's flagship device will be unveiled during the October 11 press events which we have received news earlier.

With this speculation now confirmed, the next question will be what kind of specification would the new Galaxy S3 mini come with. If the 4 inch screen size turns out to be true (remember that nothing is final until it is final), it will really be interesting how it is going to fare. This means that Samsung has gone all out in full-force in trying to kill off iPhone. With the new addition, Samsung's line up of smartphone would be complete. It would have S3 mini going toe-to-toe with Apple's iPhone 5. Moving up one class weight, there is the 4.8 inch Galaxy S3. To cap it all is the giant 5.5 inch phablet known as Galaxy Note 2. This would intensify the pressure and competition on Apple. Could iPhone 5 beat the 3 Galaxies? It is a question that I believe many pundits would be asking. More interestingly, just what kind of strategy that Apple is going to come up with this time round? Looking at Samsung's aggressiveness, I start to understand why Apple launched the biggest patent war in our history.

48 hours away, we get to find out the answer to two of the biggest mystery. First, we will soon find out if Apple's invitation for much rumored iPad mini or iPad air will indeed come true. Second, we will find out just what kind of power Samsung is going to throw in for its 'little' Galaxy addition.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specifications

It is always interesting what the big guys have up on their sleeves. With rumors of iPad mini launch imminent, the market survival of Samsung's line of tablet devices looks threatened. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal pump credentials to this rumor. The Journal reported that the iPad mini has undergone mass production and in-time for November availability. Looking at how the Foxconn workers are squeezed so hard to churn out the iPhone 5, I have no idea if there is still room for them to push out the iPad mini.

Back to our topic, Samsung seems set to unveil a mini addition to their own flagship product, the Galaxy S3. Days ago, Samsung teased journalist with invitation that is prepared in German. Translated to English, it means 'small can be big and big can be small'. This fueled wild speculation that Samsung Galaxy S2 mini is on its way.

What is interesting about the S3 mini launch date is it will happen 1 day after the much speculated date in which Apple will send out its invitation for its iPad mini launch. This is what I called the 'cats and dogs' war between the biggest tech companies of our time.

Few sources have leaked information about what looks like the S3 mini. The latinopost quoted an undefined model that Samsung has put up on its page (This is how the XML code looks like). There are few versions of what we can expect of the Galaxy S3 mini screen size. Some pundits are betting on 4.8 inch screen. However, many believe that the iPhone 5 is what Samsung is going after. With the Galaxy Note 2 anticipation at all time high, many believe there is no reason for Samsung to create another phone segment (like the phablet). It will instead be trying to lure many Apple fans who are starting to consider alternatives to the iPhone due to many disappointing features in iPhone 5 such as the Mapgate. The S3 mini screen size is likely to be 4 inch, matching exactly to that of the iPhone 5.

The screen size has so far been the most talkabout feature that will set the S3 mini apart from its big brother. Other than that, the S3 mini is expected to come with Android 4.1 a.ka. Jelly Bean. Hardware-wise, the specification would likely be not much different for the two.

That is all I know so far of the Galaxy S3 mini. Like many Galaxy fans worldwide, I'm equally enthusiastic to find out for myself what the mini will look like. Stay on the lookout. I've set my calendar for October 11 and will update everyone as soon as the spec is unveiled.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S3 Mini (Rumors)

Many of us wake up today to the shocking news about Samsung's teaser of what is believed to be a smaller version of the Galaxy S3. The news is shocking for two reasons. First, Samsung had just recently made a big announcement about the new generation of Galaxy Note 2 and the phone is yet to hit major markets worldwide and has so far been released in a handful of countries. Second, it definitely takes most of us by surprise as the de-facto motto in the on-going smartphone race is 'bigger is better'. Looking at the size of S3 and Note 2, none would have guessed Samsung to release a phone with small screen.

If rumors are to be true, the new Galaxy S3 line-up would leave iPhone 5 as being squeezed out in the middle. This is a willy move by Samsung. For the past one year and recent months building up to the iPhone 5 launch, Samsung has managed to keep their work on smaller phone tightly under wrap. The pressure was then for Apple to have no option but to go with a bigger phone. Now that Apple has released a bigger iPhone, Samsung surprised us by saying that 'big can be small, and small can be big' (translated from German).

At this point of time, rumors are still scarce about the exact specification of the Galaxy S3 mini. But things would surely change over the next couple of days in the lead up to the October 11 event. I am sure that the number of leaked parts and info would explode in the coming days. Stay tuned as I will continue to juice out more info as soon as I have them.